#YouTubers and skin

I turned on #YouTube today, I haven’t in months, and watched the first @glamlifeguru video that was on my list. I’m sad to say I’m incredibly disappointed. Within a minute of starting the YouTuber was trashing palettes left and right and this @beccacosmetics was the first on the list. As Tati sat trashing beautiful palettes I couldn’t help but feel sad. Sad for all the young girls I see these days thinking they need to wear a #kimkardashianwest cake face of makeup on a daily basis.

Instead of teaching about skin health, skincare, and how to enhance natural beauty with makeup, Youtubers sit slamming makeup because it isn’t bold or bright enough for their everyday drag style cakeface makeup. Not that I don’t like drag makeup, I actually feel that it’s an art form in itself. I also feel it necessary to say I love watching all these Youtubers. I feel like they do a lot of great things and do have a lot of knowledge. There is just a whole lot they are still not saying!

It’s time to empower these young girls to love who they are and how to enhance their natural beauty. It’s also important to teach the importance of skincare and knowing what you are putting on your face and body. I was completely appalled when I saw that my daughters 13 year old cousin knew how to perfectly apply a full cake face down to lashes, contouring, and baking. What 13 year old should be baking their face?!?!?! The answer is none. What 13year old should know the importance of taking care of their skin? All of them!

Lashes, contouring, and baking. That 13 year old girl is asking for wrinkles, patchy skin, and the need for Botox in her 20’s and so will every other young girl out there that follows these youtubers and thinks what they teach is life. Let’s teach these girls responsible makeup use and knowledge of good and bad ingredients and how they react to different skin concerns and types.

Responsible skincare and responsible makeup is just as important as responsible nutrition and exercise. No makeup won’t cause obesity but at the same time some of the ingredients in some of the cosmetic products can cause cancer and get in your bloodstream and over time can make you sick. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it acts as a filter and a canvas. You only get one skin and it’s time to nourish and love the skin you are in!

Real Her ~ Shadow Palette II : Do Your Squats

This was an eyeshadow palette I received in my June #Boxycharm box. It is such a great palette to receive in a subscription box just judging from package quality right away.


Swatching the shadows with my finger was actually pretty disappointing. They were super powdery and had no pigment coming up. I know not everything swatches well with you finger though so I didn’t let that discourage me immediately.


Once I started swatching the shadows with a brush everything came put really soft, creamy, and pigmented. There is a good assortment of shimmer and matte colors. This palette I found to be a great everyday palette of neutrals without being boring! There are dark enough shadows in here that you can pump a neutral look up to go out.
The packaging is solid and quality and features a decent size mirror. It’s not too big so it’s perfect for travel, but you still get 9 different shadow colors to work with.

Overall I found this palette to be a quality, versatile palette that is compact enough for on the go. Real Her advertises that 20% of all profits go to charity that empowers women. With the price of $28 for 9 shadows, nice solid packaging with a mirror, and all the “feel goods” from giving back you really can’t go wrong.

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Artist Couture ~ Diamond Glow Powder “Illuminati”

I received the Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati in my #Boxycharm box this June. I was extremely excited about this one. You see this one all over Instagram all the time. It gives the best glow, but is it really that great?


Duh! Yes, of course it is! Although I did not particularly like the brush that came in the box that I think they were trying to spin to be used with the loose highlighter. Since it is a loose highlighter I would prefer a brush that is going to give me a little more control over the powder.

Now as for the Diamond Glow Powder that was fantastic. I was a little nervous initially since it is a loose powder and it is super shimmery.  I thought it was just going to be a mess of glitter all over the place. Now with the brush that came in the box with it that was the case. If you use a smaller highlighting brush, with a little bit of control, that is not the case and it’s a beautiful product.



Illuminati has a nice white gold sheen with its infamous blinding glow. It really did live up to what you see in makeup videos. I would like to try the other colors to make a better opinion across the board though.

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Moda Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit 4pc. 

I took me a while to hunt these babies down. I went to a couple different Wal-Mart’s around town based on what the inventory said was in stock for each store online. Each time I went to a different store same story yesterday. Said they did have them in stock but they were more than likely stolen. it was a common theme at each store because these brushes are so popular. I finally broke down and just decided to order them online. It only took two days to arrive so I should’ve done this in the first place. So my suggestion would be to just order them online don’t bother running around town trying to pick them up in person just order them.


These are the first set of oval make up brushes that I have used so far. I actually found that I really like them. For this set of course I like the cute handles. They come with their purple and blue metallic color and they’ve got cute indentations on them. The hairs on the brushes are actually really soft and there seems to be quite a few of them so they’re really nice and compact. You get quite a few uses out of them they don’t soak up too much product right away.

This is where I think the cheap brushes are set apart from the more expensive oval brushes. I recently received a Crown Brushes oval brush in my #Boxycharm box this month and I could immediately tell the difference between the two brushes. I think it’s because of the difference in the number of hairs honestly with the more expensive brushes here going to get more hair so the brush is going to be more dense and it’s going soak up less product overtime. I found with the Moda brush it only took a few applications to need a good cleaning and really start soaking up make up. They do perform awesome. They blend beautifully just like you see in all the videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and anywhere else you’re watching. You just can’t expect as much with a set of $15 make up brushes.


The handles are a little flimsier, but again with that $15 price tag you can afford a couple back up sets until you decide you want to invest in that pricier set of oval make up brushes. These have quickly become some of my go to brushes on a daily basis. They’re so quick and easy I can’t help you pick them up. I will definitely be ordering a couple back up sets.

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