A product review.

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I received my first order of iSociety Cosmetics last week. I was pretty excited. The order shipped on a Tuesday and was delivered on that Thursday. It came super fast! So right off I was excited! I consider that instant gratification when you are ordering makeup online.

Since this was my first order I only ordered a few items. I had not heard of the company before a few months ago and I didn’t know much about them other than they have been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. After looking through the website for about a week a decided I needed to hurry up because a lot of the items I was interested in were starting to sell out. That got my hopes up. So I based my choices off of that.

Eye Shimmer Cream -Dusk

The website states:

Smoke grey shimmering cream eyeshadow.

Highly pigmented shimmering cream eyeshadow, that glides on for a smooth finish. May be used independently, or to create a long wear effect when applied before coordinating eyeshadow.

*Tip – Put in corner of eye for pop of shimmer. Can be worn on top of lipstick for shimmer effect. 

I did find the above to be true. Although for myself I am finding with age my eyelid area is starting to get a little creasy. The shadow to me came out more of an Eye Gloss on its own. So I simply used a primer than I applied a neutral vanilla toned shadow down on my eyelid first to give the cream shadow something to catch and hold on to. I still found that I had the lovely Gloss effect and was able to blend the cream shadow with the other shadows I used in my crease. There were a handful of other colors I was interested in but of course they sold out!

Lipstick- Greige

The website states:

Mildly edgy mauve based neutral, matte finish

Packed with vitamin E and complimented with natural vanillin extract. 

The Lipstick came beautifully packaged. The color reminded me of the color of the Tarte @grav3yardgirl tarteist lip paint in Texas Toast. That kind of mauve/nude borderline smidge brown undertone kind of color. The formula is definitely matte but this particular color doesn’t have the feel of a dry matte lipstick. The vitamin E would be the big booster there. It went on smoothly and I enjoyed the vanillin scent/flavor. The color has been one that I have been reaching for almost daily since I’ve tried it.

*One tip with matte lip products I like to do, start with a lip balm. That helps from giving you a dry cracked feeling a lot of the time, not always, and I still get the long wear time. 

Vinyl Lips-Lollipop 

The website states:

Soft cotton candy pink

Cream (High impact pigments) finish

More coverage and shine than lipgloss. Our long wear lip-hybrid formula is similar to liquid lipstick, with insane high watt shine. Enjoy a fade proof formula infused with maximum staining pigments, and a non-drying stay put finish.

*Tip – Use with lip liner to prevent feathering

This item immediately became my favorite. I will be after all the Vinyl Lip shades for sure. I love anything glossy for my lip especially when it’s pink. This gives you the best between a liquid lipstick and a lipgloss. There is no sticky feeling but it’s give you a high shine just like Vinyl! It slightly reminded me of the Nyx Cosmetics Lip Cremes but this lip gloss didn’t have the grittyness I find that the Nyx lip creme does.

The company advertises that their products are:

• Paraben Free

• Made in Canada

• Hypo-Allergenic

• Allergy Tested

• Non-Comedogenic

• Fragrance Free

• Not Tested on Animals

So you can be sure that you are purchasing a product made from quality ingredients.