Artist Couture ~ Diamond Glow Powder “Illuminati”

I received the Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati in my #Boxycharm box this June. I was extremely excited about this one. You see this one all over Instagram all the time. It gives the best glow, but is it really that great?


Duh! Yes, of course it is! Although I did not particularly like the brush that came in the box that I think they were trying to spin to be used with the loose highlighter. Since it is a loose highlighter I would prefer a brush that is going to give me a little more control over the powder.

Now as for the Diamond Glow Powder that was fantastic. I was a little nervous initially since it is a loose powder and it is super shimmery.  I thought it was just going to be a mess of glitter all over the place. Now with the brush that came in the box with it that was the case. If you use a smaller highlighting brush, with a little bit of control, that is not the case and it’s a beautiful product.



Illuminati has a nice white gold sheen with its infamous blinding glow. It really did live up to what you see in makeup videos. I would like to try the other colors to make a better opinion across the board though.

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Juvly Esthetics

My experience’s at Juvly, as a model, as a client, and getting lip filler for the first time.

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* Photo from Juvly’s Facebook page linked below.

Juvly Downtown Columbus Facebook

I first heard about Juvly right before they opened their first Columbus Ohio location. My best friend was so excited to tell me about the medi-spa. When she lived in New York City she had gone to the Manhattan office for different procedures and she absolutely loved it. She could not stop raving about it. So she called to the Columbus location and asked tons of questions  my best friend found that the go to person her was Liz  Liz is the Master Provider and is known for her “Lips by Liz”.

The second she could make an appointment she did. The first thing she had done when they opened were her lips. She had then done for her birthday, tha was her present herself. It is something I can remember her talking about for as long as I’ve known her.

She sent me pictures immediately after she had them done. Even right after she had her lips done, even though they were swollen, they looked perfect. So of course I wanted mine done but I had just had my last child and I was nursing. When you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can’t have any injectables done, so that meant I had to wait.

In the meantime I decided I would go have a consultation. Just to see what they thought I might possibly need done or how many vials of what I would need etc. So by this point I had heard about “Lips by Liz”. 1.  I follow them on Instagram and 2. my best friend has “Lips by Liz”.


* Taken from the Juvly Facebook linked below.

Juvly Columbus Downtown Facebook

So I knew Liz was the way to go. During my consultation with her, Liz could not have been more sweet and more knowledgeable. She was so patient with me which I truly appreciated. Being an aesthetician and a make up artist, and just generally obsessed with skin and beauty, I can ask questions and talk all day. So the fact that she took her time and was so patient and kind with me knowing that I was getting no service that day truly went very far with me.

Finally when I was able to have services done I lucked out completely. Juvly was having a model call. I immediately emailed them to submit a photo. It was November it was close to my birthday I had just stopped nursing my last child and I wanted my lips done. Now not everybody is going to feel comfortable being a model when you’re having something injected into your face. For myself being a licensed aesthetician I was completely comfortable with it. I have been in these scenarios before in my own career. Learning things like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and derma-planing. I have modeled and I have also had to have models to learn things like this. Granted the things that I’ve learned in the past have not been anywhere near as invasive as a lip filler but these are nurses and doctors training. Plus after seeing person after person that Liz had worked on I felt more than comfortable with her aesthetic eye training someone. I mean she’s not going to let me walk out of there all jacked up.

Well I got lucky, I got one of those coveted modeling appointments. When I went to Juvly for my appointment the parking was incredibly easy. It could be a little sticky seeing that it is the downtown office but there’s a parking garage directly across the street and they have meters out front. So I felt safe putting my car in the parking garage. I went in and did  all my necessary paperwork. They showed me back to my room and next had Liz come in and talk to me.

Liz came in with the person she was training. They came in to do the beginning consultation, talk about any allergies, and all the necessary stuff and then went into what am I looking for. I wanted my lips to be bigger. I wanted a noticeable difference but I like the shape of my lips. I don’t want my lips to look completely different, I didn’t want them to look puffy and over done. Bulging like you see some people’s lips that look like two stuffed sausages, you know what I’m talking about. Obviously that showed I was nervous. Liz assured me that they never put more than 1 syringe in anyone’s lips that’s never had lip injections before. So that made me feel more comfortable and I knew I wasn’t gonna have completely over done lips.

I felt pretty safe so we decided on the JuvĂ©derm Ultra Plus, (I will add a description from their website on the bottom of the specific filler). So the first thing they did next was to put on a numbing gel on my lips for about 20 minutes. So make sure you have your phone or your iPad or whatever you want to bring for entertainment purposes. When I say it’s a numbing it’s numbing. I legit couldn’t feel my lips or my tongue, I may have gotten some in my mouth. Totally my fault. So after about 20 minutes that’s when I came back in and they started. Here is where I really love the modeling appointments. I get to sit and listen to them discuss and educate the whole time. Listen to the game planning. These are things I don’t know that I would get to hear otherwise. This is where the nerd in me gets overly excited. It’s like a hardcore Game of Thrones lover at Comicon.

I could sit there all day and listen but once they got to that bottom lip that’s where it kind of starts hurting a little bit. I shouldn’t say hurt more like pinch because that’s really the only spot that you feel it. The cream or gel that they put on first really does a great job at numbing. Overall the entire injection time I think about 30 minutes and that’s in a training appointment. I would think in a regular appointment the total injection time would have to be 10 minutes tops unless you have a difficult situation.

OK I’ll admit when I looked in the mirror I was a little nervous. I was swollen and I had bled a little but the shape looked great. For after care I was instructed to only use a gentle lotion on my lips no fragrance, nothing irritating. Give it two days and then start massaging my lips because the filler they use is going to be pliable. I was sore! I was sore for like two days. I really wasn’t prepared for that especially because it didn’t really hurt when they were injecting me. The soreness was from the swelling. I didn’t realize how small my lips were originally. When the swelling down went down I was almost kind of sad it went down. I was left with the most beautiful lips though. I could not have been more happy. So that’s when I decided everything that I was going have done In the future would have to be at Juvly.

Another four months went by and I was starting to get the itch again. It was about time for another round of my Botox. Botox is something that you have to continually do. It suggested that you do it every 3 to 4 months. The more you do it the longer lasting results you’ll have. This time I went to the Polaris location and saw Danielle. I enjoyed my experience there as well. The office was in a private building with a private parking lot. The office was so large it may have taken up an entire floor in the building. I was warmly greeted and upon arrival I let them know I was on a serious time crunch. I had to drive 20 mins home and pick up my daughter from school and I needed to be out of the office in 25 mins. Now normally I would not have scheduled in a time crunch and then expected the world, but it was an impulse appointment. I was getting ready to take a trip with no kids, to Aruba, with my husband, after being pregnant for about 3 years straight.


* Photo from the Juvly Facebook page linked below.

Juvly Columbus Polaris Facebook

The point is, they completely accommodated me. Danielle completely understood. She made me feel relaxed, she was able to look at notes Liz had written in the system from my consultation, and agreed on the amount needed. Danielle also agreed less is more.

I got in and out, then back to where I needed to be with no one missing me. Seriously, that is what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you how rare that is for appointments to run ON TIME anymore! Anywhere I go I swear I’m sitting around waiting well past my appointment time for late appointments. Which for me having to work around my husbands work schedule, my kids schedules, or babysitters isn’t super appealing or convenient no matter how good someone is. You’ll see below some before and after photos of Botox and a Juvederm update.

* You can see here that before Botox, I get creasing in my forehead and it gives me a hooding in my eyelids.


* Juvederm Ultra Plus 3 months out.

For myself since it’s been a few years since I have regularly gotten Botox I can tell every 3 to 4 month like clockwork it is time. So the second I started noticing that creasing in my forehead and the hooding in my eyelids, it was my best friends birthday again! What does she do for her birthday? She gets herself a birthday present. Her gift to herself now is her lips, and of course monkey see monkey do. Well lucky for me Juvly is in for an expansion again. It was no more than four days after my friend got her lips done that I was at her house, having lunch, and talking about wanting my lips done. That I got the email that they needed models. The needed quite a few models for different things including Botox. They only needed one lip model though and it was for that coming Saturday so I jumped on my chance and I sent my photo in and I waited for my reply.


* You can see in this photo my top lip has depleted and needs a bit re-shaping.

I was the lucky one that took the lip filler spot! So I decided to wait on my Botox and go straight in for the kill again! I was ready to go bigger I noticed over the last couple months that my top lip had depleted   just a little bit which can happen naturally. So I went in that Saturday expecting for the same thing to happen. I expected to go in, to be taken back to the room, and to have Liz come in and train a single person.

This time I was taken back to a different hallway and I went up an elevator. I didn’t know this hallway existed and I didn’t even know they had an elevator. When I got up about four floors the door opened to a large room and I realized there was a whole class going on. Little did I realize this is not a one person training.  I was going to be the center of a group of people. This is when I got a little nervous. I don’t usually like to be in front of a group of people. One or two is fine, but there were maybe six people as far as I could see.


I was seated on a couch offered, water and told that Liz and Stacy would be over to see me soon and go over a few things with me. When Stacy came over and sat down she was just like Liz. Very sweet, so patient, and so knowledgeable. Stacy was actually the person that was going to be training for Juvly that day. They also had a class going on that Stacy was attending. The class seemed to consist of nurses from outside of Juvly from all over doing continuing education. One nurse even told me, “You simply cannot get training like you can from Juvly anywhere else. I drove three hours just to come here and take this class.” That impressed me. The fact that other nurses would come there from other offices, from other plastic surgeons, to learn more. To learn how to preform aesthetically better looking services and give a nicer lip. I seriously felt like I had just found gold.

Now all the same steps applied here from beginning to end. From getting all general information such as allergies, to the before photos, to the consultation, the numbing gel, etc. The only difference was it was in front of like six or seven people. Liz went way more in depth with Information this time and my “inner kid in a candy store” fully came out this time. I loved absolutely every single second of it!


This time we decided on the Juvederm Vollure, I will have info at the bottom, based on the fact that I generally wanted bigger lips. I wanted fuller lips. I wanted noticeably bigger, fuller lips! I could not believe my results immediately after. There was no swelling and zero discomfort. I was just left with these out of this world gorgeous lips!


Died, I died right there. I drove home and I waited for the rest of the day for the soreness to come but it didn’t come like last time. I waited for the swelling to come. It never came. I could not be happier with my results. They’re perfect I know now why people want “Lips by Liz”. If you want pure lip perfection you are going to go to Juvly hands-down.

Now over the course of the different appointments I have had I can say that each time, whether it was a regular appointment or modeling appointment, they have all gone the same way. I have been treated the same way each and every single time by every single person in the building. I am always warmly greeted and treated with the upmost respect. Everyone is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. I will absolutely be back again. Personally I would like to continue to take advantage of the modeling program, because it allows my inner Aesthetics geek to come out and play for a day. Whether modeling appointment or coming in as a regular client I will continue to go back that is definite. Next on my list, Microneedling!

Be sure to check back over the rest of the year to see updates on what is new that I am having done at Juvly Aesthetics’s!

* All of these photos where taken within a few weeks after my last lip treatment. It’s a good thing I love taking photos and snapchats!

Check out one of Juvly’s four locations and keep an eye out for the fifth coming soon to Fort Lauderdale!

For more information on Juvly click the link below.

Juvly Aesthetics’s

Also on Instagram!


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Juvederm Ultra Plus ® is a part of Juvederm’s modified Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers product suite. Hyaluronic Acid or HA is a naturally occurring acid in the human body. HA is touted for its ability to lubricate joints and retain skin’s moisture. It is also known for aiding the body in delivering nutrients.
Specifically designed to correct age related facial volume-loss, smooth perioral lines and create fuller more youthful lips Juvederm Ultra Plus ® has a slightly thicker consistency than Juvederm Ultra. This thicker formula is often recommended for lips and for deeper lines, folds and wrinkles.


Juvéderm Vollure XC ® could be a game-changer in the dermal-filler market, and it has only been available in the US since early 2017. It has been a beloved product overseas since its 2013 approval in Europe under the brand name Juvéderm Volift. Juvéderm Vollure XC ® is currently the first and only Hyaluronic Acid Derma Filler FDA approved for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds that can last up to 18 Months!
Juvéderm Vollure XC ® is unique in its formula, with a specific molecular structure designed to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles as it balances the “sunken appearance” we often notice with age. What really has the rejuvenation industry talking, however, is the unparalleled flexibility of Juvéderm Vollure XC ®. The cutting-edge formula gives effective lifting and firming that is proven to move more naturally with a client’s facial expressions than its competitors.

the Balm Cosmetics

Product Review


It’s about time to get back down to business. So with that being said I have a few items below I have been using for the past few weeks. This way I can form the best possible opinion of all items being reviewed. Giving the products a few weeks of use will let me determine if my skin will do any little freak out sessions and day-to-day wear time, among other key bits of information.

the Balm cosmetics

  • Bahama Mama bronzer

The Bahama Mama bronzer reminded me of a warmer Benefit Hoola bronzer. Cool enough to use this color for a contour shade, it was actually a great color for me to blend over my cheek contour to add some warmth to my much too pale complexion. Easy to build it was not an overly powdery bronzer. In a pinch the color is neutral enough it can even be used for a quick brow powder. With super cute and bright packaging it  even came equipped with a mirror.

This is one that was an immediate favorite. With the packaging, quality of product, color shade, and for $20 this bronzer is well worth the purchase!

  • Nude ‘tude palette

This palette features twelve individual eyeshadow colors. All ranging from white to a deep charcoal shade. Each shade is individually beautiful on their own. Twelve shades gives you many options and they are extremely soft and blendable shadows that would be easy for anyone to work with. I enjoy the graphics on the palette, they are very 1950’s pin-up. There is a nice large mirror on the inside, and with eyeshadow names like “Selfish”, “Sultry”, and “Sassy” I feel like it accurately describes me.

The killer here is that all the lighter shadows are shimmery. It’s not typical that I want a whole eye look that is all shimmer shadows. Shimmer shadows just aren’t the greatest at hiding any imperfections or mistakes. The older you get the more it’s going to highlight any of those fun little creases you tend to get. Hell even if you’re young and you just have a dehydrated eye area it will catch in the dehydration lines. So the one down side for me, I find myself reaching for other palettes just to get a few lighter matte colors to add into whatever look I’m going for. Not a death sentence by any means to the palette but definitely an inconvenience to me. It definitely says I wouldn’t take this with me for any appointments and that it wouldn’t be my first or even second or third choice to take when I travel.

At $36 for the palette that consists of 12 eyeshadow shadows and a nice heavy-duty package with a mirror you really can’t go wrong adding this into your collection for more gorgeous variety.


Broken Roads Lead to Positive Futures 

Sometimes in life we may not like the things and situations that occur. Sometimes they are so traumatic that we choose to not speak about them for years trying to forget they even happened.

As hard as we try though it did happen and it won’t go away. It’s always going to be there shaping who you now are. Deal with it. There is something to be learned in every moment in life big or small. This moment of my career was definitely no exception.

What I’ve learned though is things happen for a reason, every moment in life IS connected in some way, and all shatters windows and closed doors lead to positive new horizons in the future. That’s where I finally am at. The beginning of my future and I’m excited. How I got her though was not always so amazing.

So I worked at a spa inside an athletic club. I managed it. When I started it was just skin, nails, and massage. I added hair services brought in L’OrĂ©al  professional and an awesome stylist.

I later left to help open a spa with my friend I worked with prior at Sephora. She had been working downtown at the most popular skin spa in town and would do fun things like shoots for Abercrombie, Express, and even Victoria’s Secret.

We brought in Kerstin Florian and we were the first boutique spa they allowed to carry the line. It’s typically only in 4 and 5 star resort spas and high-end places like that. It’s phenomenal I still use it. We also carried Becca Cosmetics and specialized in airbrush makeup and skin services no one else in town did.

We were kind of the dream team. The elite of Columbus came to us. My friends fiancée was the one that funded the spa. He was part owner in an investment company on Long Island so his company invested.

Long story short she started she doing whatever she wanted and was running the spa like a sorority. It was completely unprofessional all the time. The employees followed her example and did whatever they wanted. She was even so bad at managing money that if we were out of a product for a service but had a client we needed it for, she would say to use something else and pretend and just charge the same. Ummmm no? Wtf like really. That’s not the first time either that I’ve been told that by a salon/spa owner. How foul am I right? So stuff started getting really tense when we got the makeup job for the couture runway show for Highball Halloween.

We had to do preview look once a month. Well I’m a planner, organized, I create looks on face-charts ahead of time. She did not, so when the first time came my model got so many compliments and hers looked well, amateur. She got really jealous, so from then on she made me do all the models while she took clients and made commission. Which was fine because Highball is like my dream since I couldn’t move to New York City and work Fashion Week.

So next thing I know she puts me in charge of creative direction and the team for highball. I think she thought I was going to fall on my ass and she was going to swoop in.  So I get a bunch of face-charts done, I start putting together a call sheet for artists that can do airbrush, and plan some practice time as this is a big deal. Next thing I know I find this letter out on the table in the break room from the investment company and being the manager I picked it up. It said “Confidential, do not leave laying out” some shit like that.

It stated that the company not only was going to be giving her the 50 % commission on clients but that they are now giving her a $60k a year salary! Bitch for what. For going to her home that’s paid for by her fiancĂ©e, furnished bye her fiancĂ©e, in her Mercedes SUV that’s paid for by her fiancĂ©e, everyday to take a nap for 3-4 hours while I sit there from 8:30am-9pm making commission only, doing all office work, managing employees, and taking clients. Is this shit for real? All this while I’m struggling at home to take care of my daughter.  I mean I know you must be think the same thing as me. Her va j must be made of gold and flawless diamonds because wtf. We got into it a few days after that. It was really ugly. I left.

This was a month before highball.  At one point I was looking on and saw that she had used the pic above advertising her busines. It was taken when I managed a previous salon with a model who I actually worked with at that time the photo was taken. She stole my photo. Of course I was cropped out. The worst park the model had tragically passed away not long before I found my phote being used by someone that didn’t own the work to advertise. When I found the face-charts I started missing people. My friend was supposed to be in my wedding that year. Never spoke to her again. Our receptionist I brought from the salon. She was 20 and in nursing school. No industry background. She used to babysit my oldest child. My husband is still friends with her on social media so when I thought about her I looked her up. That’s when I found out they were so desperate for Highball they had the receptionist doing makeup for couture runway show.  That is the only year you can only find like 4 photos from the runway show. The makeup was so bad it was embarrassing.

That literally crushed me though. How unprofessional. How embarrassing and unprofessional that you use a 20-year-old nursing student with no professional background in our industry in a major industry production like that. Even if it is Columbus Ohio. You should be appreciative to even have that job being in your first year of business.

To me, having a receptionist with no license or background work as a makeup artist for a show like that is a slap in the face to not only that show, the designers, the people who gave you that job, and your whole industry, but you just completely discounted your own career that puts an income in your pocket. That’s probably why that spa is no longer open. Karma can suck. I learned a lot from that. I learned how strong I am. I learned my talent. I learned business. I learned morals. Most of all I learned my reputation and integrity in my industry is everything to me.

I’m finally at the end of my broken road and the beginning of my future. We are working on some really exciting fun projects behind the scenes I can’t wait to shake with everyone! For now though you just have to follow my blog and my Instagram. I am going to attach my old face-charts I had started for Highball Halloween below along with some other old photos!

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*pieces of some photos may have been taken out or change to remove any names or to take out spa recognition*