YSL All Hours Foundation

I wanted to do a quick review on the YSL All Hours Foundation. I have been wearing the product now for about a month. My thoughts are below. 

The All Hours Foundation is the best foundation I have used in a long time. It is completely weightless yet still gives a full coverage with just one application. I found that no matter what the weather was like outside this particular foundation lasted on my skin for the entire day. The best part was that my husband said it looked just like my skin. He used the word subtle. This is a top feature when I am looking for a new foundation. I personally don’t like my foundation to look like I am wearing a lot of makeup on my skin. I want my skin to look clear and natural. 

When he asked the cost, he said I guess you get what you pay for. The only other foundation that comes across as well in photos is my professional airbrush makeup I use for photoshoots! This is my new holy grail!

*I was sent this for free for testing purposes, but this in no way affected my opinion on the product. 


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