My Day of Me


It’s absolutely amazing how fabulous getting your hair done can make you feel. After a long week of chauffeuring everyone around and whipping up meals with Amazon Restaurants it was finally my time! After a long week of waiting and prep work it’s finally Saturday one of the happiest days of my month. Hair and nail day!

Today was not set up to be my normal full blonde foil with my usual toner. I needed a total change. I mean we are going into spring so naturally we tend to lighten our hair more, add that lighter ombre, paint in that sun-kissed balayage. I mean that’s my typical. I usually set it up like an order, “Can I please have a full highlight, but I want to go lighter now that its spring. I would like the all over look of being fully blonde but I still like to see dimension in my blonde so it doesn’t look flat”. This is where you would insert the usual Pinterest “pinned” photo. When did I get so predictable.

If you read my last blog you know that I had a revelation this week that I just don’t give a fuck anymore what anyone else thinks. I really never did. I tried to because that’s what I thought I was “supposed” to do as I got older. That’s exactly how I’ve viewed the other adults I’ve come across in the last five years. Everyone seems to care too much what everyone else is thinking about them. If one person has something well then everyone has to have it. If one person goes to a certain nail salon around me whether its good or bad, well then EVERYONE must go there! Personally I don’t really give a flying fluff. So today I did it. I got my me back. I got my identity back. I feel whole again and truthfully the blogging process has been a big part of that as well. With a lot of planning and help from one of my best friends I went to Salon Centric last night and picked out my lavender, pink, and teal Pulp Riot hair color so we could try the new trend the Unicorn hair.

I went to cosmetology school with Bonnie back in the day when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and she has been doing my hair for years. So I had every confidence in her abilities and knew she wouldn’t do me wrong. I always know with Bonnie, her top priority is always keeping the health and integrity of my hair. I’m a freak about my hair so not just anyone is allowed to touch it. There are two people in Columbus who are allowed to touch my hair with more than a brush and a blow dryer and first is Bonnie my other hair diva is a secret. I’m hoping to do a feature on her so look out for that one in the coming months.

For us since our mouths never stop moving and I had to be double processed to ensure all unwanted tones were out of my hair, it was a little time-consuming. So luckily my girl Salina has a suite in the same building so I got my nails done while we had some down time. I love going to see Salina. I’m sure by now you can see that a common theme with me is that I’m picky/particular when it comes to anything beauty. Well Salina at The Beauty Room NA is my little hidden gem in Columbus. Best nails ever hands down. I’ve been here there and everywhere. I’ve had every shape possible. Nail art, nexgen power dip, mani/pedi. Let’s be real here Salina is the at nails. She gives the sharpest stilettos with the fiercest designs and she even has fun accessories for 3D nail art. Last time I got the unicorn chrome over black and pink gel polish. Today we did cotton candy colors. If you don’t make an appointment  to see Salina, you will never get in. I always enjoy my time when I’m there. Thank my life because she also visits my stomping grounds on Sundays in Upper Arlington at Plush Nail Salon, which just so happens to be my regular nail salon. (Hey Christina!) She’s quick, efficient, and always has awesome girl talk. That also could just be me though I’m sure I never shut up.

Now that my nails are done back to my hair. Time for my cut, blow-out, and final product. I literally couldn’t take it anymore and I think we were both a little nervous, because neither one of us had ever used this color before. I knew a few things though. My hair is incredibly healthy, Bonnie KNOWS what she is doing, and the color didn’t need a developer. It was used straight from the tube so to me that said this must at least be less damaging.

Final product is AMAZING. Neither one of us could stop staring at it. I still can’t. After about 500 pics and Boomarang videos I had to take off to save my husband from the little people. I left though with a new-found confidence I haven’t known in years. As strange as it sounds when Bonnie put the bright colors in my blonde it felt like I was taking a mask off. Like I’m not pretending anymore to be someone I’m not and quite frankly someone I don’t really have any interest in being, because that girl that I was for the last few years while I settled into pregnant/wife/mom/adult life was BOR-ING. For now I’ve let the super fun unicorn take back over.

To check out my beauty secrets, link below

*Bonnie West Unicorn Diva 🦄

Hair Therapy

*Salina Nail Goddess

The Beauty Room NA

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